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Technical Term Definition

A dictionary for our product


                        Term Definition Applicable Product
                        Drilling Diameter Size of the drill bit / hole saw required for the installation of the product.
                        • Cam Lock
                        • Cylindrical Lock Set
                        • Drawer lock
                        • Faucet
                        • Lighting Equipment (Downlight)
                        • Glass Stud
                        • Wire Cover
                        Installation Dimension
                        1. Minimum measurement of a hollow place in a solid body or surface required to install the product.
                        2. Measurement the cabinet required to install the product.
                          • Ubran X Vintage
                          • Sink
                          • Basket / Organizer
                        Minimum Trim Size
                        The smallest measurement of product (Length, Width & Height) after fully trimmed
                        • Cutlery Insert

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